Belbo Sugheri: high occupancy of space for storing corks


Cork manufacturer Belbo Sugheri has installed Movirack mobile racks at its warehouse in Calamandrana, Italy, to maximize space and efficiently manage the 500 million corks it produces every year. This storage system is an ideal complement to the push-back racks Mecalux installed a few years ago in the same center.

The Movirack system has optimized space in Belbo Sugheri's installation

Movirack mobile racking has helped Belbo Sugheri to make the most of its storage area, as this system increases storage capacity by 100% compared to selective pallet racks.

Belbo Sugheri holds 1,440 pallets measuring 39" x 47" in an area of approximately 9,700 ft2. The company uses big bags to store the corks from its manufacturing plant. In addition to optimizing space, Movirack mobile racks streamline pallet loading and unloading movements, as they provide direct access to all the SKUs stored.

At 20' high, and with a storage aisle spanning 59' long, the solution is composed of two racking units on mobile bases that move sideways autonomously. To open the aisle where the required goods are housed, the operator gives the order by means of a remote control.

About Belbo Sugheri

Founded in Italy in 1990, Belbo Sugheri is a family business dedicated to the manufacture of corks for the wine industry. In recent years, the firm has allocated many resources to improving its production plant in Calamandrana in northern Italy. The production center is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to treat cork and adheres to strict hygiene standards throughout the processing cycle.