Best Practices 22: logistics efficiency in 11 customer projects and three featured articles


Want to know how to store 60% of your SKUs in just 5% of your total warehouse surface area? Interested in finding out how to automate an e-commerce facility? The 22nd edition of Best Practices magazine will give you the answers these questions and bring you up to speed on the latest trends in the world of logistics.

The magazine highlights 11 of the Mecalux Group’s customer projects in different sectors and countries, including Incarlopsa’s automated warehouses in Spain for storing frozen meat as well as the facility of 3PL provider Pfeifer in Slovenia. Also showcased is the Producers Dairy warehouse in Fresno (CA); equipped with the semi-automated Pallet Shuttle system, this facility has doubled its storage capacity.

The Easy WMS warehouse management system also plays a major role in this issue. More and more companies — multinational BASF, for one — are digitizing their logistics operations to obtain total traceability of SKUs, increase operational throughput, and eliminate errors.

In addition to news relating to new projects the Mecalux Group is working on around the world, the magazine includes three featured articles: artificial intelligence in logistics, solutions for automating e-commerce facilities, and software for managing stock between warehouses and brick-and-mortar stores.



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