Distributed Order Management: new advanced technology solution by Mecalux

September 28, 2022

The Mecalux Group will launch a technology solution to boost the business of companies with multiple logistics facilities and distribution points: the DOM (Distributed Order Management) system.

The Mecalux Group’s DOM system will help organizations with several facilities, stores, and sales channels to meet the challenges of omnichannel and multi-warehouse logistics.

Mecalux's DOM system will provide an overall view of inventory in real time

The DOM system by the Mecalux Group will be equipped with the latest advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence to monitor in real time the catalog of products located in the company’s facilities (warehouses, logistics centers, and stores, among others). The advanced software will provide comprehensive management of the logistics operations of all the sales channels, i.e., physical stores, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and online shopping applications.

To connect the facilities and sales channels, the DOM system will be integrated with the software of the stakeholders involved in a company’s supply chain: carriers, distribution centers, physical stores, enterprise resource management (ERP) systems, call centers, and logistics providers.

The Mecalux Group’s DOM system will give users an overall view of available inventory in real time and centralize the entire order management process across the business’s multiple facilities. The software will allow users to program scalable notifications and alerts to quickly identify and solve any problems or anomalies. It will also calculate the ideal store or warehouse to dispatch the orders, taking into account variables such as product availability, customer location, shipping costs, handling and transportation time, and the need to perform value-added services. The DOM system will also organize replenishment effectively. The software will use a system of configurable rules to establish the needs of the different channels. This will allow managers to decide on the best time to supply the logistics centers. Technology shapes the logistics of tomorrow. The Mecalux Group’s new DOM system will ensure flexible and productive logistics operations to help companies take on market challenges.

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