Cosmetics retailer Yari digitalizes order management

Cosmetics retailer Yari digitalizes order management

Yari, a manufacturer of inclusive cosmetics, doubles its order picking throughput with Mecalux software.


Cosmetics distributor Yari, a leader in inclusive and multicultural cosmetics, has digitalized its warehouse in the Netherlands with Mecalux’s Easy WMS. This logistics software has helped the company streamline demanding warehouse operations such as order picking.

Yari: diverse, multicultural cosmetics

Based in the Netherlands, Yari is a family-run company devoted to producing and distributing inclusive and multicultural cosmetics. Its products are designed for people of all ages, skin colors, and genders. Yari has become one of Europe’s largest cosmetic distributors. Its catalog of more than 100 SKUs includes items for skincare and hair care. The company, founded in 2010, is present in 25 countries.


  • Expedite picking and the distribution of multicultural cosmetics throughout Europe.
  • Organize SKU storage to boost order picking.


  • Easy WMS warehouse management system.


  • Speed and efficiency, doubling the number of orders fulfilled.
  • Strategic distribution of cosmetics, streamlining storage and order shipping.

Agility is essential for supplying all of Yari’s clients in Europe. “The quality of our service has made us a leading cosmetic distributor in more than 25 countries,” says Managing Director Tabassum Malik. This Dutch business manufactures its own cosmetics, marketed under brands such as Lala’s, Secret d’Afrique, and Shaqa Shah. It also makes products for other well-known firms in the market.

To improve its supply chain efficiency and process orders more swiftly, Yari has digitalized its logistics facility in the Netherlands. “We’ve implemented Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system to make our operations faster and provide our clients with excellent service,” says Malik. “As a result, we’ve doubled the number of orders we ship every day to our clients in Europe.”

Strategically located in Berkel en Rodenrijs, near Rotterdam, Yari’s 2.47-acre warehouse serves as a hub for distributing products to hundreds of clients across Europe. Proof of the company’s commitment to continuous innovation is that its facilities house a research laboratory. In this lab, a multidisciplinary team develops new products and enhances existing formulas.

Mecalux integrated Easy WMS with Yari’s Exact Globe ERP system to increase operational throughput. “The synergy between the software programs gives us a comprehensive, real-time view of all our logistics activities. And that empowers us to make strategic decisions and implement improvements much more easily,” says Malik.

Logistics optimization for a cosmetic distributor

Easy WMS has optimized all warehouse processes, from the receipt of goods from the production lines to order fulfillment and distribution. “The Mecalux software has helped us upgrade our logistics processes. Now, we’re faster than before while allocating the same resources. Plus, we’ve brought down costs by shortening process times,” says Malik.

Through RFID scanners, the digital system sends operators precise instructions to complete each task. “Digitalization has transformed our way of working. Our employees have seen a significant improvement in the way they perform their daily activities,” says Malik.

Easy WMS has streamlined one of the most demanding processes in Yari’s facility: order picking. Aided by the software, operators now locate the inclusive cosmetics they need to put together each order more quickly. “This digital tool makes their job easier and avoids errors,” says Malik.

How has Yari managed to expedite picking? Through Easy WMS’s specific instructions and efficient task organization. Before, operators would prepare orders one at a time. Now, they fill several at once. Warehouse pickers follow the batch picking method, retrieving items for various orders on a single run.

One of the company’s biggest clients is Kruidvat, a leading Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specializing in health and beauty products. Kruidvat typically places large orders. “Previously, we needed several days to ship these orders, but now, we can finish the work in under three hours,” says Malik.

Logistics overhauled through process digitalization

To speed up order fulfillment, Yari has restructured all its logistics processes.

One of these was stock management, which has been instrumental in accelerating picking. “Keeping inventory well-organized allows operators to find the cosmetics they need to fill orders. With the products identified, we’ve reduced the time required to locate them,” says Malik.

“When the goods arrive from production, Easy WMS assigns each pallet a position, taking into account variables such as its SKU and demand level. The skincare and hair care products are organized automatically, minimizing the risk of error.

Digitalization has simplified the other warehouse tasks as well. The Mecalux software creates pick paths to ensure that operators travel the minimum possible distances during putaway and picking tasks.

Streamlining operations for a cosmetic distributor

Yari’s warehouse makeover — resulting in highly effective operations — is yet another testament to the power of innovation. By digitalizing its facility with Easy WMS, the business has expedited its logistics processes. It can now comfortably satisfy its clients’ expectations, meeting ever-tighter delivery deadlines.

Smart inventory management and rational work organization have enabled Yari to double its order fulfillment capacity. By achieving operational excellence, the company has secured its position as a leader in the European cosmetic industry.

Digitalization has been key to optimizing our logistics processes and strengthening our relationships with clients throughout Europe.

Tabassum MalikManaging Director, Yari

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