MvK Logistics (3PL): remote digitalization for real-time control

MvK Logistics (3PL): remote digitalization for real-time control

MvK Logistics digitalizes its warehouse remotely to control goods belonging to clients from diverse sectors.

MvK Logistics

Logistics service provider MvK Logistics has digitalized its facility in Mayotte with Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management software. The 3PL company closely monitors a wide range of products owned by clients from various industrial sectors.

MvK Logistics: sustainable logistics development

MvK Logistics is a 3PL provider on a clear mission: to strengthen its logistics processes in order to deliver more efficient service to companies in a wide range of industries, including publishing and food. The business has a flexible supply chain that adapts to the requirements of each client. MvK Logistics also offers consulting services to support and guide organizations looking to maximize the throughput of their facilities. The logistics service provider was founded in 2018 in Passamainty, Mayotte.


  • Digitalize MvK Logistics’ warehouse operations almost 5,000 mi away.
  • Manage a wide range of products owned by companies in different sectors.


  • Easy WMS warehouse management software.


  • Remote software installation with a specialized technical team based in France.
  • Real-time traceability of over 650 highly varied SKUs.

The priority of any third-party logistics (3PL) provider is to accompany its clients every step of the way and deliver the best possible service. For MvK Logistics, founded in the archipelago of Mayotte (a French overseas territory), flexibility in logistics processes is essential for adapting to new market requirements. The 3PL provider achieves this through a continuous improvement strategy and by seeking out solutions that boost productivity in the short term.

In its warehouse in the village of Passamainty, MvK Logistics manages over 650 SKUs of clients from different industrial sectors. “We have to ensure strict monitoring of all products to guarantee that they’re stored in ideal conditions and avoid errors when preparing and distributing orders,” says Faïz Mohamed, CEO of MvK Logistics.

Initially, the 3PL managed all its processes manually. “Every day, operators would make a note of which items arrived at the facility, where they were stored, and which orders were filled and distributed. To satisfy our clients’ changing needs, we needed more streamlined operations. We knew that if we wanted to expand our market, we had to modernize our logistics processes,” says Mohamed.

MvK Logistics concluded that the key to growth was to digitize its warehouse. The 3PL set out to find a specialized software program that would control the performance of operations in its logistics facility and provide real-time product traceability. After comparing several solutions, the business chose Mecalux’s Easy WMS warehouse management system.

“Proper time and resource management is crucial for us. We believe that advanced logistics requires effective organization of operations to meet the unique demands of the companies we serve. By exhaustively monitoring our processes, we can implement measures that enable us to deliver orders to end customers as quickly as possible,” says Mohamed.

The software was installed remotely. From Lyon, France, the Mecalux technical team in charge of the project assisted MvK Logistics in Mayotte throughout the process. “Despite the challenge of implementing a system from a distance of almost 5,000 mi, it was a very positive experience! The Easy WMS technicians were fully available to answer any questions. They were by our side the whole time,” says Mohamed.

Advantages of digital logistics

With the Mecalux software, MvK Logistics has increased the productivity of its facility. This enhancement is particularly evident in two specific supply chain areas: process organization and inventory control.

“We’re really happy with the digitalization of our warehouse. With Easy WMS, we’ve simplified all operations and can serve our clients more quickly,” says Mohamed. Besides distributing goods optimally, the software plans the work of the operators and coordinates product movements within the facility.

To do their work, pickers use RF scanners, where they receive instructions from Easy WMS on how to perform any operation. For example, the system shows them how to arrange the goods owned by various clients and which merchandise to locate to prepare orders. The software also ensures that pickers travel minimal distances, making them speedier when carrying out their tasks.

“Picking orders with RF scanners has meant a huge leap forward for our logistics operations. Operators are much more agile and efficient in their work, making virtually no mistakes,” says Mohamed. Following the software’s instructions step by step, operators simply have to confirm each action on the scanner to receive a new instruction.

Another advancement seen by MvK Logistics with Easy WMS is in the area of goods control. Now, the company can more closely track its warehouse inventory levels. The system records incoming and outgoing products in the database in real time. “With the Mecalux software, we control the exact location of each item. This minimizes our exposure to risks like stockouts, which could prevent an order from being filled due to lack of inventory,” says Mohamed.

In the MvK Logistics facility, all goods are strategically positioned to facilitate operations. Thus, for example, high-demand items are placed in the more accessible locations to expedite their entry and exit from the warehouse at the right time.

“We’re pleased with our digitized warehouse because now, we can provide our clients with the service they deserve. We’re faster, more successful, and we don’t make mistakes,” says Mohamed. The company benefits from flexible logistics operations capable of adapting to emerging market demands. Processes can be changed on a dime to meet the needs of any customer.

Flexible supply chain

Flexibility was vital when digitizing our facility. We were looking for a system that would align with the unique aspects of our business and our clients’ requirements. We also wanted it to be able to reconfigure operations based on new market demands,” says Mohamed.

Easy WMS is a scalable, modular solution that can be adjusted to changes in MvK Logistics’ business. For instance, when demand peaks occur, the software organizes picking tasks in greater detail to ensure that all orders are distributed on time. In these cases, orders can be picked by batch, whereby operators gather items for several orders on a single run.

To drive its growth, MvK Logistics plans to open new warehouses. With Easy WMS, the company is equipped with a tool capable of managing the operations of several logistics facilities simultaneously. Mecalux’s warehouse management software will support this 3PL provider in its future expansion plans.

We’re thrilled with Mecalux’s Easy WMS because it provides strict control of goods flows in the warehouse. Now that we know our available inventory levels, we can organize operations such as replenishment and order picking effectively.

Faïz MohamedCEO, MvK Logistics

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