Logistics software that trains future professionals

Logistics software that trains future professionals

Promotrans trains its students on how to optimize warehouse operations with Mecalux management software


Vocational training organization Promotrans trains its logistics students on how to optimize warehouse operations with the help of Mecalux’s warehouse management system.

Promotrans: forward-looking vocational training

Promotrans is a French vocational training center that, every year, prepares 50,000 students to successfully enter the workforce. With over 50 years of experience in the service of transportation and logistics companies, Promotrans responds to the demands of public and private businesses with hands-on, quality training all over France.

The Promotrans team prepares students — including active members of the workforce, those looking to retrain, and job seekers — by giving them all the tools they need to advance and further develop their careers.

Renowned for its expertise in employment and training, Promotrans has become an ally for companies, providing training courses that foster its students’ professional development.

  • Vocational training centers in France: 30
  • Campuses in France: 14
  • Students trained annually: 50,000


  • Train future logistics professionals in the digitization of warehouse processes.
  • Provide a warehouse management system to help instructors explain operations by simulating a real warehouse environment.


  • Easy WMS software from Mecalux.


  • Students trained to incorporate digitization in warehouse management.
  • Dynamic, interactive classes, thanks to software that replicates a real warehouse environment.


Implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) that optimizes inventory management, provides full traceability of goods, and streamlines operations is a growing trend. Against this backdrop, future logistics professionals must be trained on how to incorporate digitization into warehouse management and get the most out of this type of software.

Promotrans, one of the longest-established vocational training centers in France, has become a key player in the country’s education system. It trains close to 50,000 students a year in the areas required by French companies. “To earn a degree in logistics, our students need to demonstrate that they’re capable of using a computer program for warehouse management,” explains Belinda Zaman, Assistant Director of Education at Promotrans.

The vocational training center was looking for a WMS that would enable its students to develop their skills and deal with actual situations and challenges that they will encounter in their future careers. After comparing several proposals, Promotrans opted for Easy WMS from Mecalux to train future professionals in the logistics industry. Packed with over 20 years of expertise, Easy WMS has been implemented in over 1,000 facilities in 36 countries. This scalable, flexible software adapts to the logistics needs of sectors such as the retail, e-commerce, 3PL (third-party logistics), technology and electronics, automotive, and food industries.

“We chose Easy WMS from Mecalux because the software lets our students experience a real warehouse environment where they can control goods receipts, perform all kinds of storage tasks, and carry out the order preparation and dispatch processes,” says Zaman.

Training with Easy WMS

“Easy Mecalux Education is a very intuitive, user-friendly software program,” says Florent Jeantet, Logistics and Forklift Driving Instructor at Promotrans. With this program, the instructors and students can install, configure, and operate a WMS that simulates a real-world environment.

Students can consult the status of the warehouse from any computer linked to Easy WMS. This allows them to know valuable information for the day-to-day running of a logistics facility, such as the number of items available and the orders to be prepared and dispatched. “With this program, future logistics managers learn to interpret data generated in a facility, to verify the productivity of their facilities, and to make the right decisions,” says Zaman.

A WMS also helps to optimize warehouse tasks via RF (radiofrequency) scanners. Not to be outpaced, at the Promotrans warehouse, students use RF scanners to communicate with Easy Mecalux Education and receive instructions on what location to go to and what to do at every turn. “Our students learn to follow instructions from a warehouse management system, which minimizes the risk of error and enables them to complete their tasks more quickly,” says Zaman.

Easy WMS teaches students how to carry out any type of warehouse operation:

  • Goods receipts: students identify the items that arrive at the facility one by one. They simply need to read the barcode on each product and check that the quantity received matches that anticipated.
  • Storage: the WMS applies parametrizable rules and algorithms to decide on a location for each good taking into account its SKU and demand level. The students then move the products to the assigned location.
  • Order preparation: Easy WMS teaches students to manage order picking, one of the most complex and taxing operations in any facility. The software tells the students which location to go to, which items to find, and how many to extract, all while traveling the shortest possible distances. "Easy WMS has been integrated with our voice picking systems," says Zaman.
  • Dispatch: following instructions from the WMS, the students group the goods in the dispatch area by order, customer, and transportation route. They also learn how to generate the necessary documentation for the carrier specifying the products that are included in the delivery.

Skilled logistics

Promotrans students acquire all the knowledge they need to perform all supply chain tasks. Once they obtain their degree, they are prepared to work in any warehouse and work efficiently with digitization in storage processes.

Promotrans provides theoretical and practical classes in real environments with the aid of Easy WMS. “It’s a really simple, reliable tool; neither the instructors nor the students have found any difficulty in using it,” says Zaman.

Technology has opened the door to exploring new business opportunities. Therefore, students who learn how to work with a WMS, follow its instructions, and analyze the status of the warehouse will be able to use their talents to boost the supply chain.

We’re really happy with Easy WMS — and that goes for management as well as our trainers and students. It’s an advanced educational tool that more than meets one of our top priorities: to guarantee that our students learn how to work in a warehouse.

Belinda ZamanAssistant Director of Education, Promotrans
Florent JeantetLogistics and Forklift Driving Instructor, Promotrans

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