Olot Meats Group: capacity and energy savings in two frozen storage units

Olot Meats Group: capacity and energy savings in two frozen storage units

Interlake Mecalux equipped the frozen storage units containing meat products from Càrniques de Juià and Càrniques Celrà

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Interlake Mecalux has equipped the two new frozen storage units at Càrniques de Juià and Càrniques Celrà (companies that are part of the Olot Meats Group) in Girona (Spain) with Movirack mobile racks. This high-density system is ideal for frozen storage units. Its advantages: making the most of the available surface area and reducing energy consumption per pallet by optimizing storage unit volume. In total, the two warehouses manage more than 19,500 pallets.

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About Olot Meats Group

Positioned as one of the most powerful groups in the Spanish meatpacking sector, it is made up of three leading companies: Olot Meats, Càrniques de Juià and Càrniques Celrà. The three companies have modern facilities in Girona, as well as a team of 1,200 professionals in charge of controlling all the processes (from the arrival of the animals at the farm to meat delivery to the end customer).

Since its inception in 1987, the Olot Meats Group has expanded its sales network at a frenetic rate. In addition to Spain, it has offices in France and Russia and distributes its products to more than 100 countries in the European Union, Asia and the United States.

Two warehouses with frozen storage units

Logistics is one of the primary and most demanding activities of this meatpacking group. It is imperative in its sector to carry out very strict monitoring of all processes to ensure the quality of the meat and preserve its nutritional properties. The company must, therefore, store the products in ideal conditions and ensure that order distribution is carried out in a completely safe and error-free manner.

The company, however, lacked space for its products due to the increase in production it had achieved in recent years. “We had a shortage of storage capacity; we needed to store a greater number of products,” says Xavier Roca, General Manager of Càrniques Celrà and Càrniques de Juià.

To resolve this situation, the meatpacking group has put two new warehouses into operation that work at a controlled temperature of -18.4 ºF: one measuring 40,000 ft2 for Càrniques Celrà and another measuring 32,000 ft2 for Càrniques de Juià. The two warehouses, in turn, are divided into different frozen storage units (the Càrniques Celrà warehouse into four, and the Càrniques de Juià warehouse into three). All goods from production are stored there, and between 800 and 1,000 pallets are distributed daily to customers all over the world.

The company contacted Interlake Mecalux when it came time to equip them because, in the words of its general manager, “we place a high value on the experience this multinational company has in the sector and on the quality of its storage systems.”

A single solution

After analyzing what the needs were, Interlake Mecalux proposed installing the same solution in both warehouses: Movirack mobile racks.

The reason for this decision is that this compact system makes good use of the available floor space to accommodate the largest number of pallets. According to Xavier Roca, “not only have we gained in storage capacity, but this has consequently led to increased production.”

At the same time, Movirack mobile racks are very common in frozen storage units like the ones used by these two meat companies because they notably reduce the consumption of energy needed to generate cold, thanks to optimal distribution between the pallets.

The racks have a height of 41' — divided between five and seven levels — and are placed on mobile bases that have autonomous lateral movement. Overall, the storage capacity of the four storage units at Càrniques Celrà is 10,380 pallets, while that of the three storage units at Càrniques de Juià is 9,126 pallets. Around 20 different SKUs are managed between the two warehouses.

Despite being a high-density system, this solution also offers direct access to the goods. When a working aisle is opened, locations where goods need to be extracted or deposited can be accessed, which facilitates stock management.

“We were particularly impressed by the quality and smooth operation of the racks,” says Xavier Roca. To open the working aisle, the operator gives the command by means of a radio remote control unit.

The movement of the racks is totally safe, as they are equipped with movement elements, electronic equipment and the following safety devices:

  • External barriers. Their function is to stop the movement of the racks if any equipment enters the aisle.
  • Internal barriers. They detect the presence of objects in the aisle that would impede the proper functioning of the system.
  • Emergency stop buttons. They prevent the movement of the racks in the event of an incident.
  • Proximity photocells. They guarantee a smooth and safe stopping process.

Xavier Roca - General Manager of Càrniques Celrà and Càrniques de Juià
“We are very satisfied with the two warehouses equipped by Interlake Mecalux because the assembly of the Movirack mobile racks was carried out within the agreed time frames. In addition, the operators have adapted very well; as a result, we have a more efficient operation and thorough control of the goods.”

More capacity for increased production

By opening this new warehouse, both Càrniques Celrà and Càrniques de Juià have expanded their storage capacity and are able to accommodate all their products. Movirack mobile racks installed by Interlake Mecalux have helped to achieve this objective without needing to occupy more space.

They are also a perfect solution for storing perishable frozen products by limiting energy consumption and adapting to the different dimensions, product turnover and product characteristics. The two companies are undergoing unprecedented expansion and are currently among the top six Spanish meatpacking companies in terms of revenue. For this reason, they have decided to install an efficient warehouse that will help them to continue to grow and to attend to their customers at all times.

Advantages for Olot Meats Group

  • Making the most of the available surface area: Movirack mobile racks maximize the storage capacity of the Càrniques Celrà and Càrniques de Juià frozen storage units, affording them a total capacity of 19,506 pallets.
  • Secure system: the warehouse is equipped with security systems that guarantee the safe and efficient use of the mobile pallet racks.
  • Cost savings: Movirack mobile racks help to significantly reduce energy consumption needed to generate cold.
Frozen storage unit at Càrniques Celrà
Surface area: 40,000 ft²
No. of frozen storage units: 4
Storage capacity: 10,380 pallets
No. of SKUs: 20-25
Pallet size: 32"/39" x 47"
Max. pallet weight: 1.4 t
Racking height: 41'

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