More efficient warehouse for a leader in frozen food transportation

More efficient warehouse for a leader in frozen food transportation

Montfrisa, a leading logistics provider in frozen food distribution in Spain, turns once again to Mecalux solutions for its warehouse in Valencia.


Montfrisa, a leading logistics provider in frozen food transportation, has expanded its facility in Algemesí, Spain, with mobile and pallet racks from Mecalux. The mobile racking reduces the energy consumption per pallet by optimizing the volume of the freezer store, which runs at -4 °F.

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  • Montfrisa's frozen food warehouse with mobile racking
    Montfrisa's freezer store operates at -4 °F and houses 7,238 pallets
    Mobile racking provides direct access to the goods by opening a working aisle
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Integral temperature-controlled solutions

Headquartered in Getafe (Madrid, Spain), Montfrisa is a leading logistics provider in Spain’s frozen food industry. Currently, it has temperature-controlled facilities in Madrid, Barcelona, Pontevedra and Valencia. Its vehicle fleet, pioneering in Spain due to its mega and duo trailers (megatrucks), covers over 124 million miles a year.

  • Founded in: 1919
  • Total storage space: 11,936,357 ft³


  • Install a high-density storage system that offers direct access to the products.
  • Reduce energy consumption for frozen storage.
  • Optimize available space and maximize storage capacity.


  • Mobile racking.
  • Pallet racks.


  • Agility in the storage and dispatch of over 1,000 pallets a day.
  • Decrease in cold storage operating costs.
  • Leveraging of surface area in a limited space.


Montfrisa, a logistics provider for temperature-controlled food, receives and sends over 385,000 tons of products a year from its warehouses in Spain to different countries in the European Union.

Its logistics center in the town of Algemesí (Valencia) has been expanded several times in line with the company’s needs. Montfrisa CEO Enrique García says: “The business is rapidly expanding. Our aim is to continue to be a benchmark for the logistics and distribution of temperature-controlled food.”

To boost its storage capacity, Montfrisa has once again chosen Mecalux as its warehousing solutions supplier. “We’re customers of Mecalux, and we know how well its racking systems work. We’ve installed them in other facilities of ours — and with optimal results,” says García.

When choosing a storage solution, Montfrisa’s fundamental needs were quite clear: to make the most of the space and maximize capacity. “We wanted a system that would help us optimize warehouse management, reduce the company’s operating costs and allow a high occupancy of space,” says García.

Two storage solutions in a single space

Montfrisa has expanded its logistics center with two Mecalux storage systems: mobile pallet racking and selective pallet racks. In total, these solutions can store 7,238 Euro-pallets with a maximum unit weight of 2,204 lb and at a controlled temperature of -4 °F.

“Every day, we receive 600 pallets from different customers based in Spain and other countries,” says García. The pallets are stored on the racks according to product type, characteristics and turnover. Both systems enable direct access to the goods, which is essential for facilitating storage and order dispatch tasks. In addition, the levels of both storage systems have been adapted to be able to store extra-tall goods (7.2').

“At our center in Valencia, we prepare about 60 orders every day. In other words, we ship an average of 425 pallets a day to warehouses and points of sale all over Spain and Portugal,” says García.

Mobile racking

Mecalux has installed three racking units on mobile bases, with a total storage capacity of 5,784 pallets. “With the mobile racks, we can store a larger number of goods in a small space without hindering the rest of the daily operations,” says García.

This system is extremely common in freezer warehouses: it decreases the energy used to generate cold air by optimally distributing the air among the pallets. The racks stand 41' tall, have five levels and are installed on mobile bases that move sideways autonomously. This is the only compact system that provides direct access to the goods. It does so by opening the required aisle by means of a remote control or directly via the onboard control panel.

The racks are equipped with devices that ensure the integrity of the products as well as efficient, uninterrupted operations.

  • Exterior safety barriers. Stop the racks from moving the minute an operator enters the aisle.
  • Interior safety barriers. Detect the presence of objects or people in the aisle that would prevent the system from operating properly.
  • Emergency buttons. Serve to stop the racks from moving in the event of an incident.
  • Proximity photocells. Ensure that the racks come to a smooth, safe stop.

Warehouse with minimal energy consumption

Montfrisa has maximized the storage capacity of its logistics center in Algemesí (Valencia) with two warehousing solutions in the same space.

Thanks to the direct access and space optimization offered by the mobile racking, operations in the Montfrisa facility are perfectly streamlined to receive and dispatch over 1,000 pallets a day. Likewise, the company has reduced its energy use per pallet by optimizing the volume of the freezer store with Mecalux solutions.

We’re really pleased with the performance of the mobile racking operating at a temperature of -4 °F. It’s an ideal storage system for optimizing space. It enables us to store more of our customers’ products, which increases our bottom line.

Enrique GarcíaCEO, Montfrisa
Mobile racking
Storage capacity: 5,784 pallets
Load sizes: 31.5" x 47.2"
Max. load weight: 2,204 lb
Racking height: 41'

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