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  • Automated Warehouse Studio (AWS): Mecalux's latest move towards standardised control systems


    This tool automatically provides a very accurate and authentic 3D graphical representation of the warehouse.

  • Metal racking: What finish offers greater protection against corrosion?


    In warehouses, racks are exposed to changes in temperature, humidity, continuous transport of goods and operators. These factors can cause deterioration of the components that make up the structures. This article analyses the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods and finishes available on the market to protect the metal profiles from the effects of corrosion and oxidation.

  • Double Pallet Shuttle: increased capacity and dynamic handling of goods


    Mecalux has created an innovative Pallet Shuttle capable of carrying two pallets at a time. It is an optimal solution in warehouses where there is a high movement of goods since it has a high response capacity when storing and managing products.

  • Stainless steel conveyors for harsh or wet environments


    Mecalux has developed a new conveyor model made of a very corrosion resistant stainless steel. This product is especially suitable for wet areas, for example in food production zones, harsh environments, or those that require cleaning with water or disinfectant products.

  • The Pallet Shuttle system increases the storage capacity of Islandaire


    Islandaire, a US company that designs and manufactures a complete range of air conditioning units, has hired Interlake Mecalux to supply and install racking served by Pallet Shuttles in the warehouse it owns in the state of New York.

  • Interlake Mecalux expanding distribution with the opening of massive new facility in Dallas


    The new facility is the sixth distribution center in North America for Interlake Mecalux, which also operates in Chicago, Pontiac, IL, Sumter, SC, Tijuana, Mexico and Matamoros, Mexico.

  • Mecalux introduces new 'plug and play' conveyor technology


    The connection is very simple; one conveyor is joined to another, and the power and signals are relayed to activate its movement. It only requires a power cabinet connected to the first conveyor of the circuit.

  • Choosing the ideal system for storing pallets


    In the same installation, goods of different turnovers can co-exist, classified on the basis of consumption criteria (type A, B, C). Taking this fact into account, and factors such as capacity or required installation flows, each product should be deposited in a different storage system based on their characteristics. Automatically, a question arises: what is the ideal system?

  • Australia: Mecalux’s new market


    Mecalux is expanding into the Australian market via the Safer Storage Systems company.

  • The importance of testing pallet racking components


    Both the components that pallet racks consist of and the materials they are fabricated from are submitted to testing; first to determine their strength and elasticity capacities, whereas the second establishes their tensile strength and their ductility, i.e., the capacity to be bent. These processes fulfil the international standard, which outlines the parameters that must be taken into account with respect to the quality and safety of products.

  • Renowned German premium vehicle manufacturer sets up a new 30,000 pallet capacity distribution centre in southern Germany with the collaboration of Mecalux


    Mecalux was the company put in charge of completing the extraordinary warehouse project in the BMW Group new distribution centre installation, in the state of Bavaria.

  • Mecalux is on the cutting-edge of technology


    Mecalux has recently integrated a Data Warehouse into its Easy WMS warehouse management software.

  • Mecalux expands into the Senegalese market


    The company continues with its international expansion project after reaching an agreement with the renowned foods group Patisen — who is a leader in its sector— in the manufacture and installation of three warehouses in Senegal.

  • What are the keys to ensuring the safety of your warehouse?


    Despite its obvious importance, there are still many questions about the essential measures the storage systems user should observe when minimising the risk of accidents in daily operations. Protecting personnel and ensuring proper warehouse operations should be any logistics manager’s top priority. In this article, Mecalux shares its expertise on this topic, analysing the keys to good management in safety policy.

  • Mecalux Easy WMS: non-traditional market expansion


    The digital transformation experienced by Mecalux’s Easy WMS has facilitated its implementation in new markets.

  • Mecalux and ArcelorMittal: leadership through innovation


    Mecalux and ArcelorMittal work together in the development of new profiles. The aim is to optimise the current range of products, and manufacture new materials.

  • Showroom grand opening: Mecalux launches 6,500 m2 innovative technology centre dedicated to automated solutions


    This new more than 6,500 m2 space for R+D+I is located just a few metres from the company’s central headquarters in Cornellà (Barcelona), and focuses on the development of automated systems.

  • The UPC BarcelonaTech evaluates the electromagnetic compatibility of Mecalux products


    The UPC has assessed the electromagnetic emissions of the Mecalux equipment to guarantee that the equipment does not interfere with other devices or telecommunications systems.

  • Logistics chain solutions with the Pallet Shuttle system will be the focus of Mecalux's participation in the IMHX Birmingham fair


    The participation of Mecalux, which has a delegate office and warehouse in Birmingham, will focus on highlighting the multiple variants and features of the high-density Pallet Shuttle system.

  • Colombia headlines the latest Mecalux expansion in Latin America with the opening of two new offices and a logistics centre


    The company strengthens its growth in Colombia with the opening of new offices in Bogota and Medellín, and a logistics centre in the town of Yumbo (neighbouring municipality of Cali, near the port of Buenaventura).

  • Mecalux strengthens its growth in Peru with a new warehouse


    The company has unified the central offices and the warehouse into the same building located in a strategic area close to an important transportation hub.

  • The advantages of intelligent warehouse management


    A management and control software increases performance, provides a much more efficient work system, and minimises errors. Get full insights of WMS advantages.

  • Panamaximization


    The Panama Canal opened in the summer of 1914, carving a link between two oceans and revolutionizing maritime travel. The new expansion project is 98% finished as of May 2016.

  • House Thieves


    Studies show that instances of internal theft of warehouse goods rise in bad economies and that the solutions are as simple as they are ignored.

  • Mecalux Solutions for Industry 4.0 at CeMAT 2016


    Between 31 May and 3 June, the new edition of CeMAT will be held in Hanover, Germany. This fair is the top international forerunner in intralogistics technology, with more than 1,000 exhibitors.

  • Cepsa inaugurates a next generation Mecalux clad-rack warehouse built in its Gibraltar refinery


    The grand opening of Cepsa’s new automated clad-rack warehouse in its lubricant factory in San Roque, Cadiz, Spain took place on March 31st.

  • Advantages of a clad-rack warehouse


    This type of constructions are integrated buildings formed by the racks themselves, whose structure is coupled to both the roof and wall cladding. Clad-rack warehouses have achieved great importance in the last 30 years, mainly because of the need for space optimisation, and resulting in the construction of buildings that are taller than 45m.

  • Logistics software: the cloud is the future


    Due to the continuous evolution of technology, our business landscape is changing at a high speed. One of the most important paradigm changes that has taken place in recent years has been caused by the software industry, with the creation of cloud-based applications. The logistics operations of companies have quickly adapted to this change, demanding that software applications be implemented which are increasingly compatible with the cloud.

  • FEFO/FIFO impact on the warehouse


    FEFO/FIFO is a technique for managing material that aims to consume or supply products by selecting those closest to expiration first, and when the expiration is the same, the oldest first.

  • Mecalux introduces important innovations in the semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle compact storage system


    Among the innovations included we can highlight the adoption of WiFi technology, which multiplies the system’s performance.

  • Playing Mind Games


    American engineering has taken a power dive in the span of a generation. Every year for the last two decades, upwards of 250,000 students retreat to their separate parts of the nation to spend six weeks designing, programming, building and preparing robots to do battle against other student groups, determining which gang of young engineers built the best robot.

  • Lean and Green in Sumter


    Corporations, normally the slowest sector to embrace the ideals of a habitat stewardship, are finally acknowledging the advantages of bringing about environmental practices that will result in reduced costs and streamlined manufacturing. In this sense, the Sumter facility is one of the major accomplishments Interlake Mecalux has achieved in the last decade, because of having accumulated zero pounds of hazardous waste in 2010 and therefore it has been categorized as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator by the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program (SCEEP).

  • Cold Hard Cash vs.Greenhouse Gas


    The U.S. market has dropped its total GHG emissions by 35 percent over the last two decades without the governance of the EPA. The EPA will continue its efforts started in January to reduce GHG emissions in stationary sources, but one the industry said is a burden unnecessarily placed on them because of the sloppiness of other manufacturing industries.

  • Open Roads


    President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderón met in March to negotiate a solution to the border discrepancy affecting commercial transportation flow between both countries. Stipulations, made between the trucking industries of both countries in the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), were not implemented by the U.S and after a period of unrest, both presidents agreed that the solution needs to be based on a program of reciprocity, safety and efficiency of the system.

  • The Weakest Link


    In the last decade, numerous pandemics have walloped the logistics field. Preparing a supply chain to be flexible for any challenge the market bears is a multi-pronged strategy not only to subvert breaks in the chain, but also to weigh options between delivery speed and cost.Multi-sourcing one’s supply chain is not a new idea, and despite the assurance that disasters will eventually strike, many companies remain undecided on the best way to divide and hedge their suppliers.

  • Never make the Second Hand the First Option


    Smaller companies in the United States see the used marked as their first option when outlifting storage installations. While used racking might make sense if all components are in perfect condition, there is never guarantee of a used rack´s calculated strength. Apart from knowing in advance aspects of the rack such as what connector should be used, what is the maximum weight it was made up to resist, etc., aspects like the structural length of the components have changed over the years and should be taken into account. Nevertheless, among the advantages of buying used rack, we find that their price is right if they are in good condition; they are more readily available with shorter lead time, and better for the environment.

  • Smarter warehouses save energy and money


    The energy saving strategies used in automated storage mean lower electric bills and many solutions are simpler than one may think. Automatic warehouses save energy in many ways; from using efficient, lighter engines in the AS/RS systems, intelligent motion calculations and regenerative power supplies to the simplest of all energy saving methods: turning off the lights.

  • Inside the margin of success


    Even considering the fact that logistics is the blackbone of the supply chain and it focuses on performance and costs, feww companies make it their firsti priority when it comes to take critical decisions. The two main forms of logistics are described: Production logistics and management logisitcs.

  • Product Spotlight: Selective Pallet Racking


    Advertising feature on the Pallet Racking System, backbone of the Mecalux products. The most popular product exemplifies how minor features provide huge advantages: ideal for any warehouse, offers direct access to each pallet, simple stock management and adaptation to any product volume, weight or size. It is resistant over time, too. Among other advantages, it is worth hightlighting the unique design of the racking uprights with extra bends, their painting process called cataphoresis, and so on.

  • The dueling promise of 3-D printing


    In a in a mass production-led world, those inside the material handling industry have thus far not felt the tug of urgency from additive manufacturing (AM). 3D printing is when 3D solid objects are made from a model on a computer. 3D printing is done by building up the object layer by layer. The trajectory of 3-D printing suggests that the manufacturing process will eventually create replacement parts for weapon systems, marine products and land and air vehicles.

  • Fueling Sales of Fuel Cells


    Fuel cells are leading the way in alternative energy innovations. American industries have started deploying fuel cell technology. Though it will almost certainly be automobiles that eventually bring fuel cells into the homes of average consumers, it has so far proven to be the warehousing and manufacturing industries bringing fuel cells to the automotive industry.Part of what makes lift trucks a more viable outlet for fuel cell technology is that lifts are smaller, carry less daily risk and are not produced in the same quantities as automobiles.

  • The Clouds Roll in


    With third-party computing, all actions are performed through the Internet on the host’s website and then saved to the third-party’s massive hard drive, rather than the user’s personal computer memory. The implementation of third-party computing (known as "the Cloud") in the material handling industry has developed in the form of warehouse management software. While clouds offer clients lower operating costs and increased availability of programs, the lack of privacy remains the biggest deterrent for customers weighing the pros and cons of cloud computing, apart from other items such as the delay in troubleshooting and the question of data ownership within the cloud. Nevertheless, alternative solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) make the difference since they allow working in a shared server but it permits to store private information separately. Similarly, Interlake Mecalux offers a subset version of its EasyWMS, EasyWMS Autoinstall as a SaaS, that allows multiple warehouses to have a centralized point of connectivity and data storage, which gives the client the ability to access data from multiple warehouses, rather than simply the warehouse they are in.

  • Rising to the top


    Vertical lift modules (VLM) are incorporated as strategic implements that address specialized storage needs, reducing labor costs and optimizing warehouse floor space. Among the AS/RS modules produced by Interlake Mecalux, the Clasimat Vertical Lift Module is climbing to the top as the eminent member of the VLM family, taking advantage of a warehouse's vertical space. Among its advantages can be counted in the higher placement at a lower cost; the safety of its use and the reduction of personnel footprint thanks to the combination of EasyWMS + Clasimat, among other items. .

  • The Guiding Force Within


    The adoption of automated warehouses has sought to mitigate human-error factors. Automated systems require guidance in order to execute their functions precisely. The Mecalux Group’s Galileo control software may be the companion of the Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), and its reliable presence helps get the job done. Within a Warehouse Control System (WCS), Galileo acts as a general coordinator, establishing a control hierarchy enabling AS/RS units to carry out their tasks according to the protocols established by the Warehouse Managing System (WMS). The WMS — such as the Mecalux Group’s Easy WMS — assigns a series of orders to Galileo, which helps it determine a take-off order and regulates the object task once they are in the air.

  • Painting to Protect


    To ensure long lasting protection of its products, Interlake Mecalux uses the most advanced methods of paint coating. Protecting the environment from the harmful effects of paint pollutants is also a concern for the company. To do so, Interlake Mecalux uses cataphoresis, a painting process based on electro-chemical technology which produces smaller amounts of volatile organic compounds than in other coating methods. Mecalux also uses powder coating and water soluble paints, an advanced method of painting used for a wide range of materials and products, very usable against corrosion and other damaging factors, and a very profitable and ecologic paint.

  • Fire Works


    The most important fire protection a warehouse can have is a well-designed, fully functioning and properly installed sprinkler system.Fire grows three times faster in vertically stored commodities than those stored horizontally. This makes extinguishing warehouse fires extremely challenging because they spread quickly. So, matching the right storage facility with the right fire prevention system can make the difference between scorch and soot. The wet pipe system, the Early Supression Fast Response (ESFR), the In-frack Fire Sprankler System, the Quell Fire Sprinkler System, the Dry Pipe Fire System and the Ecoogical Five systems´advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

  • High Efficiency in Low Temperatures


    The refrigerated logistics sector is increasingly looking for ways to optimize industrial freezer storage units. Designing or maximizing an automated refrigerated storage space relies heavily on the type of goods being stored, the weight that will go on the shelves, input/output flows and equipment already in use in the facility. Among other advantages, automating cold stores offer several advantages, such as: goods accessibility, personnel reductions, comfort and safety and integration of all warehouse systems through the Easy WMS.

  • Atlantic Rack: Triple Threat


    Atlantic Rack is a multi-million dollar warehouse equipment and supply distributor. that distinguishes more as a solutions company than a racking distributor. Mecalux was both the first and second company to extend Atlantic credit to Atlantic in its very beginings, and Atlantic positioned itself as a destination to which customers turned, not just as simple suppliers of rack, but as a source for strategic solutions to their specific needs. Incorporating old rack with new systems, orchestrating machines to fit with new rack, and detailing how quickly customers will see a ROI – among other procedures -customer satisfaction is the Atlantic´s goal.

  • The well-slotted warehouse


    A well-organized warehouse saves money in labor, space utilization and inventory control. The economic benefits of a well-sorted warehouse have helped warehouse owners and facility managers recognize slotting as an often misunderstood and overlooked building block of warehouse optimization.It is indeed a very important component of storage design, and although there is not a one-size-fits-all method, there are some basic rules and considerations that make the process easier and more effective. Apart from those rules, fully explained, an excellent software such as the Easy WMS is the best way to set up them all.

  • Seismic Spike


    The number of “big box” stores in the United States has increased dramatically. Besides, a rash in natural disasters such as earthquakes has boosted the demand for seismic resistant construction. Although there are disaster elements beyond our control, stricter building codes for spaces in a facility’s architectural designs, could mean the difference between life and death. In this sense, manufacturers such as Interlake Mecalux strive for the highest level of safety when designing a seismic resistant facility and take many elements into consideration.

  • Product Spotlight: Cantilevers


    Ideal storage system for optimizing storage space when large or bulky items are being handled: versatile (can also be mounted on mobile bases), reliable, secure, long-lasting usable, and economic, the cantilever system is perfect for industrial and consumer purposes.

  • Nearshoring trends show offshoring


    Nearshoring, the act of maintaining production or IT in a country in close proximity to your own, minimizes some of the logistics and problems associated with offshoring, such as product quality and the enhanced risk of miscommunication. Inexpensive land and labor forces are not as lucrative as they were in the last decade, so companies are reconsidering to relocate their factories and logistics centers back to near their home.

  • Country Spotlight: Brazil


    While the United States and Europe have been reeling with a cumbersome economic recovery, the South America’s largest country has steadily become the eighth-largest economy in the world.The history of Mecalux in Brazil begins in 2005, when it incorporated its 290,500 square foot production plant in Sao Paulo to meet the challenges of a booming economy,and becoming one of the fastest growing industry leaders to the South American region. The warehouse solutions Mecalux provides run the gamut to a wide array of industries throughout the country: wholesale, food and beverage, textile, construction, pharmaceuticals, transport, international logistics operation services, etc.

  • Taking the Dents out of Bolted Rack


    Until 2001, the United States was an entirely pro-weld country, primarily because of the belief that welded steel is stronger, more reliable and costs less to install. The differences between welded and bolted racks range from their structure and connections to their safety, affordability and resistance. Welded structures are quicker to install and they are hard to transport to the warehouse, and any repair must be done safely and costs much more than repairing/replacing a bolted rack. These differences, among others, make bolted racks more attractive for the upcoming North-American warehouse industry.

  • Readers Between the Lines


    The introduction of high-speed, superior- accuracy image-based ID readers (IBR) has compelled the trend for business owners to consider transitioning their business toward a more scanner-ready operation. Image-based ID readers work by taking a picture of the entire image and reconstructing any damaged or unclear sections in an effort to override issues associated with unreadable barcodes (faded, scratched, uneven, badly printed, warped, etc...). Furthermore, the increasing capabilities of image-based ID readers are capturing more than just the attention of the materials handling industry.

  • Semi-automatic solutions


    Between 2000 and 2007 there was a period of widespread warehouse automation, but by 2008 the demand for automation decreased significantly, due to the financial crisis. Nowadays,we are seeing the first signs of recovery, instead of spending on full automation or sitting tight until the storm blows over, some warehouses are benefitting from creatively and systematically automating just portions of the facility.

  • QRC: The evolutionary barcode


    Like the more recognizable Universal Product Code (UPC) or bar code, QRCs are scannable images that hold information. QRCs are everywhere, but few recognize their use and even fewer recognize their potential to recast the material handling industry’s preferred method of scanning and tracking. The information available in a QRC is not only more robust and accurate than any other label code, but also shares more advantages than any other label code, even when has been slowly implemented in the US industry.

  • A turning point named crisis


    Interlake Mecalux has taken the global population’s crisis mindset as a decisive moment to grow and expand, to be a bigger and better rack manufacturer in the face of economic hardships by means of synergy and cooperation between each part of the company (engineering, manufacturing, customer service, sales and marketing). From having one foot on the door when selling the first rack to executing the order on time, everything counts towards providing an excellent and outstanding service.

  • ALAN: Wired For Relief


    The American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) is a not-for-profit organization that plays matchmaker between supply chain professionals and relief agencies in times of emergency. But it isn´t just an organization that looks for ladders and functioning trucks when the Red Cross is too swamped to do it themselves. It is one of the few organizations always preparing for disaster by wiring existing networks and tapping into groups or regions in which ALAN doesn’t have a strong presence.

  • Choosing the clean path


    Manufacturers address their hazardous waste byproducts in a way that enhances productivity while still complying with environmental regulation. Interlake Mecalux owns vital environmental devices that are helping it make great strides in the fight against industrial waste. To give an example, at the Sumter and Pontiac facilities in the South Carolina and Illinois respectively, an “all-in-one” and “worry-free” pretreatment solution was put into practice to reduce, not only the amount of effluent and environmental hazards, but also the number of stages required in a pretreatment process.

  • 5 Easy Pieces


    A recent study illuminating how the industry views its own economic recovery, suggests that companies are more focused now on making investments to succeed. As an answer to the current industry trends, Interlake Mecalux has developed a five-point approach to meeting its customers’ broad spectrum of needs through the Easy WMS, such as multi-site functionality and software on-demand.

  • New Technology: MT0


    The MT0 is a unique automated stacker crane, combining the capabilities of automation and VNA turret truck systems.

  • Building a Smarter Warehouse


    The energy saving strategies used in automated storage mean lower electric bills and many solutions are simpler than you think.

  • Mecalux installs logistics center for Brazil’s largest oil company


    Brazilian oil titan, Petrobras, goes fully automated in its new 19,700 square foot facility.

  • Interlake Mecalux Product School enriches across the industry spectrum


    Continuing our commitment to education within the material handling industry, we are pleased to invite you to our Product School November 8-10 in Naperville, Illinois. Our training program has been designed to provide more information on the products, services, and software offerings of Interlake Mecalux.

  • Pick Module Seminar


    As part of its ongoing effort to invest in instructional initiatives, Interlake Mecalux is continuing to provide excellent learning opportunities for engineers and sales personnel to gain valuable knowledge of the implementation of pick module systems.

  • Hayat: The Shape of Things to Come


    Halfway into the construction project, Mecalux is rapidly shaping the future of Hayat’s logistical behemoth in Turkey.

  • MidPak


    Displaying the latest in containers, bags, software, automation and machinery equipment

  • Traveling Showcase


    Introducing the renewed Traveling Showcase. Click "read more" to register.

  • Virtual tour around the showroom


    The showroom allows customers to see life-size versions of the company’s products.

  • New Tax Law to Provide Customers with Huge Incentives


    Tax initiatives provide deductible expenses that benefit customers if used before 2012

  • Wired for Relief


    National non-profit weaponizes supply chain pros against disaster

  • Hayat: Piece By Piece


    Mecalux breaks ground in its Hayat project in Turkey

  • Product School


    We are pleased to offer your company the opportunity to participate in our free training seminar. It has been designed to provide more information on the products, services and software offerings of Interlake Mecalux. Click "read more" to register.

  • Rising to the Top


    Interlake Mecalux named as one of two companies manufacturing five types of AS/RS, including its revamped Clasimat VLM

  • PackEX Toronto 2011


    Visit us in booth #1266 at Canada's most comprehensive resource for packaging and processing.

  • Traveling Showcase: West


    Building on the success of Product School, we're hitting the road west to San Diego to provide training on Interlake Mecalux products and services.

  • CeMAT makes history in Brazil


    Mecalux showcases its technological side at CeMAT SOUTH AMERICA in São Paulo

  • Tax initiatives provide deductible expenses that benefit customers if used before 2012


    Warehouse systems and shelving that are a capital expense for the customer, and are installed and in use by December 31, can be depreciated 100 percent in accordance with a new tax law thereby reducing tax payments to the IRS.

  • Mecalux to attend the CeMAT 2011 intralogistics Fair in Hannover


    The newest innovations in Mecalux automation exhibited at Germany’s leading global logistics event

  • Mecalux will exhibit at the SITL logistics solutions expo from March 29-31 in Paris, France


    French logistics expo to showcase warehouse solutions products

  • Humanitarian Efforts Alive at ProMat


    Interlake Mecalux joins the American Logistics Aid Network in supplying critical relief to those in crisis.

  • Mecalux, CeMAT focus on South American expansion


    Mecalux’s newest innovations in robotics and automation will be on display at Brazil’s leading global logistics event.

  • ProMat 2011 expected to boost North American market for Interlake Mecalux


    The company will provide industry professionals educational opportunities in racking, automation and software.

  • Mecalux installs its latest warehouse technology for the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary (ISLD)


    Mecalux has put the finishing touches on setting up a new automated warehouse for the Idaho State Liquor Dispensary at its logistics centre in Boise (Idaho).

  • Mecalux to show off its latest software and systems innovations at the Paris SITL Fair


    Mecalux shall be bringing its latest innovations in warehouse management software and systems to the SITL fair in Paris.

  • Mecalux will be taking part in the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) in Birmingham


    The Mecalux Group will be taking part in the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) 2010, held from 16th to 19th November.

  • The Mecalux Technological Centre in Gijon, Spain has doubled its workforce to meet the needs of the international market


    Mecalux has increased its team of professionals at its R+D centre in Gijon which now has over seventy programmers.

  • Mecalux will be attending the CeMAT intralogistics Fair in Hannover in 2011


    CeMAT 2011 will be held from 2nd to 6th May 2011 and will be dedicated to intralogistics: material handling solutions for companies’ logistic operations.

  • Mecalux will be taking part in CeBIT 2011. This year’s edition will revolve around personalised services


    Mecalux will be attending the CeBIT digital technology fair in Hannover from 1st to 5th March 2011.

  • Interlake Mecalux Exhibiting at Material Handling Industry Association’s Premier Event – ProMat 2011


    ProMat 2011, one of the premier events in material handling and logistics solutions in North America, a strategic market where Mecalux saw the highest increase in sales for 2009, to 130 million USD.

  • Interlake Mecalux at the NA 2010 U.S. logistics trade show


    Mecalux is exporting one of the latest high-tech innovations developed in its Spanish facilities: the EasyWMS® warehouse management software.

  • Mecalux takes a giant step in technology to make downloading EasyWMS® on-line software a whole lot easier


    Mecalux has taken a giant step in technology to make it easier to download the online version of its EasyWMS® warehouse management software, all starting on April 1st.

  • The main shareholders of MECALUX, S.A. agree the conditions for its withdrawal from the Stock Exchange


    Acerolux, S.L., majority shareholder of Mecalux, S.A., has signed with the latter and other significant shareholders of the company a contract by which they assume certain commitments to proceed with the withadrawal of Mecalux, S.A.´s shares from the Stock Exchange of Barcelona and Madrid.

  • MECALUX takes its management software MECALUX EASY ® to SITL in Paris in March


    Mecalux presents Mecalux Easy® in Paris after attending other well-known trade fairs such as SIMO Network (Madrid) and CeBIT (Hannover).

  • MECALUX will be attending the CeBIT 2010 with its warehouse management software: MECALUX EASY®


    Mecalux will participate in this international event with a 150 m2 stand, equipped with two large projectors with a simulation of the simple implementation of Mecalux Easy®.

  • Mecalux obtains a turnover of 298.2 million euros in the third quarter of 2009


    The Group continues its development plans in the R&D area and bets on its flagship product: Mecalux Easy ® (warehouse management software).
    The incorporation of the company Interlake is reflected an increase in orders of 49% with respect to the same period last year in the NAFTA area.

  • Mecalux invoices 204.4 million euros in the first half of 2009, down 38.6% from the same period last year


    Mecalux recorded a turnover of 204.4 million euros in the first half of 2009, 38.6% less than the same period last year. The incorporation of Interlake on March 9 saw an increase in orders of 34.4% over the same period for last year in the NAFTA area. The Group's net result stood at -3.7 million euros, representing a decrease of 113.2%.

  • Mecalux invoices 101.8 million euros in the first quarter of 2009, 33.5% below the same period for the previous year


    The company recorded a turnover of 101.8 million euros in the first quarter of 2009, 33.5% less than the same period for the previous year. Profits stood at 7.7 million euros, a fall of 32.9%.

  • MECALUX executed its purchase agreement on Interlake’s assets totalling 30 million dollars


    The purchase was made for 30 million dollars and involves the acquisition of 4 new plants for the American expansion of MECALUX: Pontiac (Illinois); Sumter (South Carolina); Mexicali and Matamoros (Mexico).

  • Mecalux increases its turnover by 6% and its profits by 2%


    Mecalux increased its sales by 6% in 2008, rising from 598 million euros to 636 million euros.

  • Mecalux develops a software system for any warehouse: the Mecalux Easy®


    Mecalux Easy® is a new software system designed to be easily installed in any type of warehouse, sector and company size. The first levels of the system can be implemented in just two weeks.

  • Mecalux launches the new Clasimat vertical storage system


    Mecalux continues to offer logistics solutions that combine maximum use of storage space and process computerisation. Their latest initiative is the CLASIMAT vertical storage system.

  • MECALUX Signs Contract for Acquisition of Interlake Assets


    The new economic conditions mean this possible operation would be a chance for Mecalux to expand and improve its presence in the US and Mexico.

  • Mecalux has built the new automated warehouse of Becton Dickinson


    The warehouse, which is situated in Fraga (Huesca, Spain), has had a cost of 7.1 million euros within a total investment of 10 million and fits 25.200 pallets.

  • Mecalux approves the new distribution of 5.4 million euros among its shareholders


    The Extraordinary General Meeting of Mecalux’s shareholders today approved the distribution of an extraordinary dividend in the gross amount of 0.16 euros per share, for a total amount of 5,377,240 euros.

  • Mecalux increases turnover by 12% and profit by 18%


    Mecalux increased its sales in third quarter 2008 by 12%. Sales came in at 496 million euros, compared to 444 million euros in the same period last year.

  • Mecalux approves distribution of €8.8 million among shareholders


    Mecalux’s General Shareholders Meeting has approved the €8.8 M proposed by Board of Directors as distribution of extraordinary dividend.

  • Mecalux increases capital and brings in Caja Madrid


    The Mecalux Group has approved an increase of capital which will bring Caja Madrid into the company with a 20% holding. The transaction will provide Mecalux with a strong financial injection of 168 M euro, giving it a firm base on which to start a new period of investment and growth of the company.

  • MECALUX Board of Directors to propose dividend distribution of 8.8 M euro


    The Mecalux Board of Directors will propose in the Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on 27 June an extraordinary distribution of dividends for €0.33 per share. The total amount will be €8,769,575, representing 25% of the net profit for 2007, which amounted to 35.1 M euro.

  • Mecalux increases its sales by 13% and invests in the automation division


    Mecalux closed the year with an increase in sales of 13% reaching 598.1 m euros compared to the 531.1 m invoiced in the previous financial year. Particularly worthy of note here was the excellent performance of the automated warehouse division.

  • Mecalux installs an advanced-technology Elevating Platform in Cáceres Galindo


    It is named TRB 4000/32 S and it is able to locate a load of 4Tn and 6.5m at 30m above the floor. This is the new elevating platform that Mecalux has installed in the new Grupo Cáceres Galindo warehouse. A very little conventional advanced-technology machine.

  • Mecalux builds the biggest Ceramic Warehouse in Europe for Porcelanosa


    Mecalux has built an automatic warehouse for Porcelanosa in an amazing building of 35m high and 260m long in Vila-real (Castellón). The facilities have the storage capacity of five million square metres of tiles in a total of 102,000 pallets.

  • Mecalux continues its rapid growth and increases sales by 16%


    Mecalux continued to grow rapidly with an increase in sales of 16% in the third quarter of the year, rising from 384.7m euros in the same period for 2006 to 444.4m euros this year.

  • Logismarket reinforces its international presence with a new site in the Czech Republic


    With the addition of this new site, now has a direct presence in 12 countries across Europe. Logismarket makes its bets on the Czech Republic because of rapid growth and the prospects of its increasing need for buying capital goods.

  • Logismarket solidifies its commercial strength during the first semester of the year


    Logismarket surpassed 5.4 million visits to its web page and generated 969,000 direct sales leads during the first 2007 semester, the one with the biggest activity on the portal (European data controlled by the OJD).

  • MECALUX appoints as a new independent board member Eduardo Montes, current Senior Vicepresident in Siemens AG


    Eduardo Montes, current Senior Vicepresident in the German multinational Siemens AG, will be appointed new Independent Board Member by MECALUX. He replaces Juan Poch, who will hold the position of Advisor to the Presidency.

  • Porcelanosa warehouse


    One of World's leading manufacturers of porcelain and ceramic tile products, PORCELANOSA radiates beauty and elegance, transforming raw spaces into superior living environments.

  • Mecalux speeds up growth by increasing sales in the 1st semester by 19%


    The growth of Mecalux accelerated and the company managed to close the first semester of the year with an increase of 19% in sales which rose from 252.1m in the first semester of the previous year to 301m euros this year.

  • Mecalux to distribute 12m euros in dividends and new shares among its shareholders


    The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Mecalux approved the distribution of dividends at 0.49 euros per share, representing a total of 12m euros and 25% of the net result of the group in 2006.

  • State-of-the-art software


    The new warehouse management software (WMS) of Mecalux was designed to make its programming more intuitive, visual and agile; while maintaining the demanding levels of efficiency and quality which it already enjoyed.

  • Mecalux keeps up its growth of 16% and duplicates the sale of automated warehouses


    Mecalux‘s sales increased by 16% in the first quarter of 2007 rising from 124m euros in 2006 to 143.6m for the same period for 2007.

  • Mecalux increases turnover by 82% and profits by 56%


    Mecalux Group continues to grow thanks to its expansion in new markets and investment in automated storage for warehouses.

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