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  • 3PL to Yuma: Mecalux Push-Back Racking Vertical Solution

    There are roughly 5 million acres of U.S. land and 2 million employees devoted to some facet of farming. Desert Depot, a subsidiary of the Gowan Company, is a key player in the agricultural chemicals market. The provider of custodial warehousing for clients’ products, Desert Depot has been a third-party logistics enterprise in Arizona’s foreign trade zone (FTZ) since 1996. Residence within a FTZ allows customers to store imported, raw, active goods and gradually import them in order to produce the finished product.

  • Micro Chips, Then Macro Chips: Mecalux Pallet Flow Racking Solution

    In 1950, Mr. Lopez ditched his railway job and his tortilla sales business to open a restaurant in a Chicago neighborhood central to the railroad personnel. He called it El Milagro, or “the Miracle”. And while Lopez perhaps viewed his business’ existence as miraculous, their continued success today certainly isn’t. The opportunity to expand to Texas came when local tortilleria, El Lago, put its business up for sale.

  • The Clothes Make the Plan: Mecalux High-Rise Pallet Racking

    It is noon in Texas, and many warehouse employees throughout the state are preparing for lunch. For SanMar, however, the day is just beginning. The wholesale garment distributor, based out of Seattle, recently expanded eastward into a newly constructed Dallas distribution center. However, at SanMar, the company’s regional distribution centers do not dictate operating hours: the home office does. So while most of Texas awaits 11:30 shifting into noon, it is functionally only half-past nine in SanMar’s 700,000 ft² facility.

  • Collaboration through Communication: Mecalux Supplies Combined Cantilever, Wide Span and Pallet Racking

    When you can list Charles, Prince of Wales, as one of your clients, you know you have cultivated quite a successful business. Yet that is exactly who is on the patron roster of Porcelanosa, Europe’s largest manufacturer of tile, kitchen and bath products. In 2005, Porcelanosa received a coveted Royal Warrant after carrying out extensive work at Prince Charles’s Royal residences. Royal warrants of appointment have been issued for centuries to tradespeople who supply goods or services to a royal court or certain royal personages. Such an honor is quite an accomplishment for a company founded more than 40 years ago in the small village of Villarreal by the Mediterranean Sea in Castellon, Spain.

  • Raising the Bar in Boise: Mecalux Constructs Comprehensive AS/RS Pallet Racking Solution

    After experiencing 114% growth in twelve years, the Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD) warehouse and distribution center in Boise was bursting at the seams. The old way of managing their inventory was not working for them anymore and they had to find a new, more effective storage solution. The Interlake Mecalux unit load Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) provided the storage they needed now and in the future.

  • Interlake Mecalux installed Wide Span in Children’s Memorial Hospital

    Children’s Memorial sat on a 6-acre plot for more than 130 years. The new hospital is a markedly more compact 1.8 acres. Time was of the essence as the ninth floor service center in the world’s tallest children’s hospital went from fragmented to functional in 21 days. The Interlake Mecalux team worked closely with the hospital’s procurement división and effectively saved material by using the room’s dimensions more efficiently. Requests are made through a sophisticated product tracking system, ensuring that whatever items were taken from the shelves today will be replaced tomorrow.

  • Trivantage had 50,000 fabric rolls and difficulty storing them. Interlake Mecalux made one suggestion

    Using Interlake Mecalux rack was just one in a chain of ecological decisions made by Glen Raven in the construction of the Mebane, N.C., Trivantage warehouse. Throughout the process, they had sustainability on the mind. This is what earned them their LEED Silver certification and, with their 100,000-square-foot space, the claim as the fourth largest LEED certified building in existence. This project was no small undertaking. Glen Raven made choices for its new building in Mebane that reduce energy consumption, improve air quality and make it an all-around more comfortable place for employees to work and customers to do business. They have laid the groundwork for a successful next 100 years, and Interlake Mecalux is proud to have rack standing on that ground.

  • Mecalux completes the process of automating the Porcelanosa Group’s warehouses in Castellón, Spain

    With the opening of the new logistics centre for Venis, the wall and floor tiling company, the Porcelanosa Group has finalised the ambitious plan that was launched in 2003 for the expansion and modernisation of its storage centres. Over the years, this important Spanish corporate group has entrusted Mecalux with the automation of its five logistics centres found at their headquarters in Villareal, in the province of Castellón in Spain. This process is a factor of vital importance in sustaining the growth of the group’s companies around the world.

  • Mecalux builds one of the largest automated rack supported warehouses in Europe

    Hayat Kimya is a leading manufacturer in the Eurasian fast-moving consumer goods market, specifically in the sector for hygiene and cleaning products. Founded in 1937, with its headquarters in Turkey, the company currently has 5,200 employees and exports to 101 countries. With growth forecast for the coming years, the decision was made to invest in the construction of one of the largest rack supported warehouses in Europe, with a capacity of 161,000 pallets.

  • Interlake Mecalux and Mathis Brothers refurbished the furniture company’s operations

    An expansion project for any business is good news, and it certainly was for Mathis Brothers. The company had spread into Tulsa from Oklahoma City in 1993, and in the spring of 2012, they were itching to expand their showroom. Expanding the showroom also meant expanding the warehouse to house more pieces for the showroom. Mathis Brothers really is the quintessential family business. When the family enterprise needed to expand its Tulsa warehouse, another family company stepped up to the plate. Interlake Mecalux would go on to help Mathis Brothers expand their showroom, revamp their warehouse and revitalize their distribution processes.

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