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Mecalux will be taking part in CeBIT 2011. This year’s edition will revolve around personalised services 19/10/2010

Mecalux will be attending the CeBIT digital technology fair in Hannover from 1st to 5th March 2011. Read more →

Interlake Mecalux Exhibiting at Material Handling Industry Association’s Premier Event – ProMat 2011 20/09/2010

ProMat 2011, one of the premier events in material handling and logistics solutions in North America, a strategic market where Mecalux saw the highest increase in sales for 2009, to 130 million USD. Read more →

Interlake Mecalux at the NA 2010 U.S. logistics trade show 23/04/2010

Mecalux is exporting one of the latest high-tech innovations developed in its Spanish facilities: the EasyWMS® warehouse management software. Read more →

Mecalux takes a giant step in technology to make downloading EasyWMS® on-line software a whole lot easier 29/03/2010

Mecalux has taken a giant step in technology to make it easier to download the online version of its EasyWMS® warehouse management software, all starting on April 1st. Read more →

The main shareholders of MECALUX, S.A. agree the conditions for its withdrawal from the Stock Exchange 25/02/2010

Acerolux, S.L., majority shareholder of Mecalux, S.A., has signed with the latter and other significant shareholders of the company a contract by which they assume certain commitments to proceed with the withadrawal of Mecalux, S.A.´s shares from the Stock Exchange of Barcelona and Madrid. Read more →

MECALUX takes its management software MECALUX EASY ® to SITL in Paris in March 11/02/2010

Mecalux presents Mecalux Easy® in Paris after attending other well-known trade fairs such as SIMO Network (Madrid) and CeBIT (Hannover). Read more →

MECALUX will be attending the CeBIT 2010 with its warehouse management software: MECALUX EASY® 01/02/2010

Mecalux will participate in this international event with a 150 m2 stand, equipped with two large projectors with a simulation of the simple implementation of Mecalux Easy®. Read more →

Mecalux obtains a turnover of 298.2 million euros in the third quarter of 2009 21/10/2009

The Group continues its development plans in the R&D area and bets on its flagship product: Mecalux Easy ® (warehouse management software).
The incorporation of the company Interlake is reflected an increase in orders of 49% with respect to the same period last year in the NAFTA area. Read more →

Mecalux invoices 204.4 million euros in the first half of 2009, down 38.6% from the same period last year 06/08/2009

Mecalux recorded a turnover of 204.4 million euros in the first half of 2009, 38.6% less than the same period last year. The incorporation of Interlake on March 9 saw an increase in orders of 34.4% over the same period for last year in the NAFTA area. The Group's net result stood at -3.7 million euros, representing a decrease of 113.2%. Read more →

Mecalux invoices 101.8 million euros in the first quarter of 2009, 33.5% below the same period for the previous year 04/05/2009

The company recorded a turnover of 101.8 million euros in the first quarter of 2009, 33.5% less than the same period for the previous year. Profits stood at 7.7 million euros, a fall of 32.9%. Read more →

MECALUX executed its purchase agreement on Interlake’s assets totalling 30 million dollars 06/04/2009

The purchase was made for 30 million dollars and involves the acquisition of 4 new plants for the American expansion of MECALUX: Pontiac (Illinois); Sumter (South Carolina); Mexicali and Matamoros (Mexico). Read more →

Mecalux increases its turnover by 6% and its profits by 2% 03/03/2009

Mecalux increased its sales by 6% in 2008, rising from 598 million euros to 636 million euros. Read more →

Mecalux develops a software system for any warehouse: the Mecalux Easy® 03/03/2009

Mecalux Easy® is a new software system designed to be easily installed in any type of warehouse, sector and company size. The first levels of the system can be implemented in just two weeks. Read more →

Mecalux launches the new Clasimat vertical storage system 21/01/2009

Mecalux continues to offer logistics solutions that combine maximum use of storage space and process computerisation. Their latest initiative is the CLASIMAT vertical storage system. Read more →

MECALUX Signs Contract for Acquisition of Interlake Assets 13/01/2009

The new economic conditions mean this possible operation would be a chance for Mecalux to expand and improve its presence in the US and Mexico. Read more →

Mecalux has built the new automated warehouse of Becton Dickinson 01/12/2008

The warehouse, which is situated in Fraga (Huesca, Spain), has had a cost of 7.1 million euros within a total investment of 10 million and fits 25.200 pallets. Read more →

Mecalux approves the new distribution of 5.4 million euros among its shareholders 06/11/2008

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Mecalux’s shareholders today approved the distribution of an extraordinary dividend in the gross amount of 0.16 euros per share, for a total amount of 5,377,240 euros. Read more →

Mecalux increases turnover by 12% and profit by 18% 29/10/2008

Mecalux increased its sales in third quarter 2008 by 12%. Sales came in at 496 million euros, compared to 444 million euros in the same period last year. Read more →

Mecalux approves distribution of €8.8 million among shareholders 27/06/2008

Mecalux’s General Shareholders Meeting has approved the €8.8 M proposed by Board of Directors as distribution of extraordinary dividend. Read more →

Mecalux increases capital and brings in Caja Madrid 03/06/2008

The Mecalux Group has approved an increase of capital which will bring Caja Madrid into the company with a 20% holding. The transaction will provide Mecalux with a strong financial injection of 168 M euro, giving it a firm base on which to start a new period of investment and growth of the company. Read more →

MECALUX Board of Directors to propose dividend distribution of 8.8 M euro 30/05/2008

The Mecalux Board of Directors will propose in the Shareholders’ Meeting to be held on 27 June an extraordinary distribution of dividends for €0.33 per share. The total amount will be €8,769,575, representing 25% of the net profit for 2007, which amounted to 35.1 M euro. Read more →

Mecalux increases its sales by 13% and invests in the automation division 28/02/2008

Mecalux closed the year with an increase in sales of 13% reaching 598.1 m euros compared to the 531.1 m invoiced in the previous financial year. Particularly worthy of note here was the excellent performance of the automated warehouse division. Read more →

Mecalux installs an advanced-technology Elevating Platform in Cáceres Galindo 11/02/2008

It is named TRB 4000/32 S and it is able to locate a load of 4Tn and 6.5m at 30m above the floor. This is the new elevating platform that Mecalux has installed in the new Grupo Cáceres Galindo warehouse. A very little conventional advanced-technology machine. Read more →

Mecalux builds the biggest Ceramic Warehouse in Europe for Porcelanosa 14/01/2008

Mecalux has built an automatic warehouse for Porcelanosa in an amazing building of 35m high and 260m long in Vila-real (Castellón). The facilities have the storage capacity of five million square metres of tiles in a total of 102,000 pallets. Read more →

Mecalux continues its rapid growth and increases sales by 16% 09/11/2007

Mecalux continued to grow rapidly with an increase in sales of 16% in the third quarter of the year, rising from 384.7m euros in the same period for 2006 to 444.4m euros this year. Read more →

Logismarket reinforces its international presence with a new site in the Czech Republic 19/10/2007

With the addition of this new site, now has a direct presence in 12 countries across Europe. Logismarket makes its bets on the Czech Republic because of rapid growth and the prospects of its increasing need for buying capital goods. Read more →

Logismarket solidifies its commercial strength during the first semester of the year 27/09/2007

Logismarket surpassed 5.4 million visits to its web page and generated 969,000 direct sales leads during the first 2007 semester, the one with the biggest activity on the portal (European data controlled by the OJD). Read more →

MECALUX appoints as a new independent board member Eduardo Montes, current Senior Vicepresident in Siemens AG 14/09/2007

Eduardo Montes, current Senior Vicepresident in the German multinational Siemens AG, will be appointed new Independent Board Member by MECALUX. He replaces Juan Poch, who will hold the position of Advisor to the Presidency. Read more →

Porcelanosa warehouse 23/08/2007

One of World's leading manufacturers of porcelain and ceramic tile products, PORCELANOSA radiates beauty and elegance, transforming raw spaces into superior living environments. Read more →

Mecalux speeds up growth by increasing sales in the 1st semester by 19% 26/07/2007

The growth of Mecalux accelerated and the company managed to close the first semester of the year with an increase of 19% in sales which rose from 252.1m in the first semester of the previous year to 301m euros this year. Read more →