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New Technology: MT0 16/03/2012

The MT0 is a unique automated stacker crane, combining the capabilities of automation and VNA turret truck systems. read more →

Product Spotlight: Cantilevers 06/02/2012

From architecture to aviation, cantilevers are ideal for warehouse applications. read more →

Microlan: Thinking Outside of the Box 06/02/2012

The corrugated box manufacturer automates its warehouse and doubles its storage capacity. read more →

Bringing It All Back Home 06/02/2012

An Alimerka expansion resulted in a brief profit dip and the need to reshuffle company operations. With help from Mecalux, the supermarket chain maximized its network by re-consolidating it under one roof. read more →

Complex Flexibility 06/02/2012

Logistics distribution company Amagosa expanded its warehouse operations without expanding its floor space. read more →

3PL To Yuma 06/02/2012

Third-party logistics company Desert Depot sees alternatives and growth in agriculture. read more →

Micro Chips, Macro Chips 06/02/2012

Family-owned tortilla company, El Milagro, attempts a used system retrofitting only to discover they were on the wrong side of the racks. read more →

The Clothes Make the Plan 06/02/2012

How the new construction of a distribution center in Dallas, Texas, for garment provider SanMar, relied on old friends. read more →

The Dueling Promise of 3D Printing 06/02/2012

Additive manufacturing is quietly looking to break into the material handling industry, leaving those inside it to decide what to do next. read more →

The Clouds Roll In 06/02/2012

Despite the debate among warehouse owners about the merits of third-party software management, cloud computing remains poised to take the industry by storm. read more →

Fueling Sales of Fuel Cells 06/02/2012

Fuel cells have flown past most other forms of alternative energy on the wings of their value to the auto industry. Recent trends show it’s been the material handling industry – not automobiles – spinning the propeller. read more →

Building a Smarter Warehouse 06/02/2012

The energy saving strategies used in automated storage mean lower electric bills and many solutions are simpler than you think. read more →

Taking the Dents out of Bolted Rack 06/02/2012

Why bolted rack is making slow, begrudging, long-overdue inroads in the North American welded market. read more →

Inside the Margin of Success 06/02/2012

Your company’s logistical operations may be the last part of your supply chain, but far too few companies make it their first priority. read more →

A Turning Point Named Crisis 06/02/2012

The Material Handling Industry takes the challenges of the market crisis and turns them into opportunity for growth. read more →

The Well-Slotted Warehouse 06/02/2012

How a highly organized storage facility can save money and time in a difficult economy. read more →

Semi-Automatic Solutions 06/02/2012

As companies’ need to expand wrestles with their need to save, the three stages of partial automation have quickly emerged from the middle. read more →

Readers Between the Lines 06/02/2012

The increasing capabilities of image-based ID readers are capturing more than just the attention of the material handling industry. read more →

Fire Works 06/02/2012

Matching the right storage facility with the right fire prevention system can make the difference between scorch and soot. read more →

Mecalux installs logistics center for Brazil’s largest oil company 21/10/2011

Brazilian oil titan, Petrobras, goes fully automated in its new 19,700 square foot facility. read more →

Interlake Mecalux Product School enriches across the industry spectrum 12/10/2011

Continuing our commitment to education within the material handling industry, we are pleased to invite you to our Product School November 8-10 in Naperville, Illinois. Our training program has been designed to provide more information on the products, services, and software offerings of Interlake Mecalux. read more →

Never Make Secondhand the First Option 27/09/2011

Understanding the challenges of used and refurbished rack. read more →

Pick Module Seminar 27/09/2011

As part of its ongoing effort to invest in instructional initiatives, Interlake Mecalux is continuing to provide excellent learning opportunities for engineers and sales personnel to gain valuable knowledge of the implementation of pick module systems. read more →

In the Wake of the Quake 20/09/2011

After one of the world’s strongest earthquakes obliterated half of Iron Mountain’s Chilean campus, the archiving giant rebuilt with the help of the company left standing tallest: Mecalux. read more →

Centralizing Success 20/09/2011

EasyWMS helps Barcelona’s home solutions material leader find its logistical center of balance read more →

The Guiding Force Within 20/09/2011

The Galileo control software is the man behind the curtain, bringing life to Mecalux AS/RS systems. read more →

Choosing the Clean Path 20/09/2011

Interlake Mecalux owns vital environmental devices that are helping it make great strides in the fight against industrial waste. read more →

Bubbling Up 20/09/2011

Polish beverage group pours it on with plant expansion. read more →

Hayat: The Shape of Things to Come 20/09/2011

Halfway into the construction project, Mecalux is rapidly shaping the future of Hayat’s logistical behemoth in Turkey. read more →

Nearshoring Trends Slow Offshoring 20/09/2011

In order to improve logistics and manufacturing, many global companies are bringing it all back home. read more →