Distribution and Warehouse

Warehouses and distribution centers in all industries turn to Interlake Mecalux for everything from basic pallet storage to complex order picking systems and complete system integration. Interlake Mecalux, in association with the industry's most experienced and proficient distributor network, provides customers with a total package of material handling storage products and integration services.

Many of the biggest and best companies in the world including Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Corporate Express, Best Buy, Cardinal Health, Amazon.com, Nestle, Target and UPS count on Interlake Mecalux to provide them with quality storage products and creative material handling solutions. Key customer benefits include:

  • Optimized use of space and SKU organization
  • Increased throughput and optimized facility flow
  • Reduced on-hand inventory and increased inventory turns
  • Increased picking efficiency
  • Improved delivery accuracy and on-time shipping
  • Consolidation of orders
  • Minimized product damage
  • Improved safety

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