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The Mecalux group specializes in the design, manufacturing, distribution and installation of a variety of products and storage systems. The company's management team recognizes that the activities associated with the processing and treating of the materials during the manufacturing process impacts the environment. We are careful to ensure our processes do not create any ecological impacts on water and air through our waste products or emissions. It would not be possible for us to work without the support of the land in which we operate. Our main concern is to preserve the environment and based on this we have trained our management teams to carry out this policy.

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Having applied this strict environmental management system to all the company’s activities, it guarantees that organizational, production and technical jobs with an impact on the environment are planned, managed and controlled to comply with the established requirements.

Mecalux agrees to always:

  • Apply the concept of continuous improvement to its environmental management
  • Prevent contamination.
  • Comply with legislation and other applicable environmental requirements
  • Provide our employees with a sense of responsibility

This commitment is strengthened by:

  • Informing all employees and suppliers of the contents of this Environmental Policy
  • Analyzing and optimizing with the aim of achieving higher levels of environmental protection and prevention of pollution
  • Ensuring that legislation and other applicable requirements are met
  • Improving awareness in all employees whose work has a significant environmental impact
  • Improving the management of waste, dumping and chemical emissions

The chosen Environmental Management System (EMS) is based on the demands of the UNE-EN-ISO-14001:1996 STANDARD, and the objective evidence produced, provides the basis for ensuring that all its requirements are met.

By this public declaration, the company's management conveys their commitment to comply with the agreed and adopted demands.

Furthermore, Mecalux requires and promises that all employees whose activities may be directly or indirectly involved in environmental management perform their tasks in accordance with the EMS, in this way ensuring that all Mecalux products and services meet the requirements resulting from this Environmental Policy.